About Us

We are undeniably a California family, with our roots in both Southern California and Northern California. I spent my entire childhood in the beach town of Half Moon Bay outside of San Francisco, and my husband was born and raised in San Diego. He came to San Francisco for college, which is how we met. After spending years in the city by the bay, we eventually moved to Southern California and lived with my in-laws in Escondido.

Fast forward several years, we are now a family of four with two small children. We have come to realize that San Diego is best seen through the wondrous eyes of kids. The smallest ones are able to truly appreciate the magic of such an extraordinary city.

San Diego, with its sun-kissed beaches and quintessential socal culture, is truly a picturesque city. Whether you’re a lifetime local or planning a weekend getaway, there’s always something new to discover. The diverse geography of the San Diego area means you can relax on the beach in the morning, and then climb a mountain in the afternoon. From the urban city streets to rugged natural coastline, there’s no exaggeration when I say that San Diego truly has something for everyone.

This blog provides laid-back yet still very informative travel guides for all the diverse areas of San Diego. Because we are a family ourselves, most of the travel content we provide is kid-friendly and will help any family trying to figure out where to spend time with the kids. We take great efforts to provide original photography of all the locations we feature. Our photos can really transport you to the destination and help you visualize and plan your own visit.